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If you love coffee and food, and appreciate dry humour and childish antics then we're off to a good start. If you are interested traveling, DIY, home remedies, and random nonsense to you I say: Welcome :-) And I suggest you start by reading About Me to see if you'll want to punch me or not before continuing. I hope you enjoy!

Start Here!!! (About me)

Trying to find your place in life is hard work. Some people are lucky enough to be born knowing who and what they will become in this time on Earth... or are they really that lucky? I’m a firm believer that most of the adventure is in the getting there, no so much in the being there. I’m not saying that being there is no fun - we all know it’s gunna be a great time. BUT!! If you’re like me and get bored easily, you’ll want that constant adventure. You’ll more than want it, you’ll crave it, right down into your core. And if you’re as confused as I am, you’ll constantly be darting off in every different direction, looking for something to keep your attention for more than a millisecond. Some people call that indecisive, others may call it A.D.D... I like to call it joie de vivre: a joy of life. No, really. I love learning about and experiencing anything and everything about this planet and the life that it has, does, and will host. 

Where the f*ck do I start?!?!?!

Having a deep-seeded desire to know all there is to know about anything and everything may sound like fun - and it is - but it’s also incredibly confusing and can send even the most well-intentioned and level-headed person right to the looney bin. Somewhere along the line you really have to just throw your hands in the air and surrender to what actually makes you happy. Some have no choice but to do this, others plan to get to this point, and others still wait until their death bed to have this conversation with themselves... or the universe... or whatever. Either way, my time for this is now.

How did it all begin?

Well, I’ve always known that there was more to life than what most people around me wanted me to think (or thought themselves). I have primarily lived in my imagination since I was a small child. To child me unicorns were real, dinosaurs still existed, time travel could happen and Narnia really was on the other side of that wardrobe. Anything I wanted was real in my daydreams. The problem with daydreams? They aren’t actually real. I know that they should be but, alas, they are not. But I am not willing to toss those daydreams aside just because I’m supposed to be a grown up.

So, now what?

Woah, woah, woah - back up a smidgen. “Now” what? You think that this was an easy realization to come to? Let me tell you - in my 26-and-counting-years on Earth, I have learned that this is no easy ride. I’ve spent a long time realizing someone else’s dreams, allowing myself to do someone else’s dirty work for them while getting measly pay cheques and no appreciation for my hard work. My last “real world” job was definitely the worst - I was pretty much cornered into a management position that I truly wasn't ready for and given no training, guidance or support on almost anything and instead got a lot of empty promises. Eventually I came to the realization that I either had to get out or I would wither away and die a slow, agonizing, miserable death at the hands of a company that didn’t give a rat's behind about me. The day I gave my notice was one of the happiest days I’ve had in a long, long time. A massive weight was lifted off my shoulders and for the first time in a long time I was excited for what was to come. I had paid off all of my debt and squared away enough money to take about 6 months off to discover and create myself and hopefully find my true passion so that I never ever have to go back to doing someone else’s dirty work ever again.
But cue the George Strait! 

I am currently sitting at about a week shy of 4 months into my “retirement” as I like to call it and I have already learned so much about what really matters to me, but I still have so much more to learn. This blog is my way to keep myself in line, to make sure that I’m always moving forward in life, never sitting idle or rolling backward. I guess you could really call it my journal, only this journal is out there for anyone to read and offer feedback or share their own stories about life. I figure that if I make the effort to prove to myself that my life really is full of awesome, I will change my outlook on life and in turn, change the outcome of my life. It seems to be working so far!

How do you know you’ll want to read my stuff?

Well, I can't answer that for you, so I have taken the liberty to round up some of my likes, dislikes, interests and even a list of random facts about me. Before reading on, I should probably warn you:
I'm blunt, sarcastic, and I have a twisted sense of humour. I love food, drop more than my fair share of the f-bomb and may give you the impression that I'm a cross between a drunken sailor, a 5-year-old and a crazy cat (animals in general) lady. I take a lot of pictures, own a lot of shoes and drink a lot of coffee. I love markets and tall-ships and creatures (of most kinds) and books and home made things and pretty, expensive things. I like to make cupcakes, colour pictures and do puzzles. I have a serious addiction to Pinterest and am madly in love/completely obsessed with New York City.

If you’re still reading and won’t be offended by what I may do or say, then I encourage you to read on:

I love... 

Water, coffee, tea, maple syrup, watching airplanes, pretty shoes, fun socks, my fur-babies, books, baked goods, anything narrated by David Attenborough, wandering aimlessly, moisturizing, seafood, feta cheese, bacon, tall-ships, and a zillion other things. And especially all things NYC. I told you - I'm obsessed.

Do not love...
Green peppers, hot peppers, peppercorns, pepper (notice a trend here?), mosquitos, fleas, clutter, dirty floors (okay dirty anything inside), flying in airplanes, gross feet, bad dental hygiene, this apparent bacon shortage, shopping for clothes, wearing makeup (mascara is my only essential), over-the-top dramatic people (and their many sub-species)...

Interested in...
Animal nutrition, human destructiveness/overpopulation, photography, culture, history, recycling, composting, eating clean (hey - I'm no clean eater, but I like to try!), never actually growing up, re-purposing and up-cycling old stuff, supporting the local economy, Spreading the Awesome, using home remedies, DIY fun, baking, cooking, traveling, etc. etc. etc.

Random facts...
-I’m really good at learning song lyrics and can (relatively) easily spit out the words of Nicki, Slim, Busta and Luda... to name a few.
-I come from a musical family and can learn how to play instruments very easily - but I don’t. I know, I’m probably totally off my rocker.
-Even though I watch (and love) quite a few tv shows, I am very rarely the person to turn the tv on. I’m far more likely to turn on the satellite radio, rock out to an old-school cd, junk out on Pinterest, spend 12 hours on YouTube or read a book or magazine.
-When my youngest brother was born, I was mad. Real mad. I wanted a sister and I thought it was total crap that I got another brother instead... and also that unicorns weren’t real. I ended up liking Little Brother when I saw him for the first time (he was a cute baby!) but I was still feeling a bit sour about the whole brother versus sister/unicorn thing so I regularly tried to put him in dresses and give him pigtails. Poor kid.
-I have a pretty stellar collection of shoes. And fun necklaces. And shot glasses from all over the world.
-I am a huge believer in ‘Spreading the Awesome’, a philosophy-of-sorts that Mike and I have come up with. The best way to describe this would be that we look for the Awesome in people that we are associated with and then tell the world about it. My hair stylist is a long time friend, all of the artwork on our walls is created by ourselves or friends, and most work that gets done to our home is done by friends who work in various trades.
-I love love love planning events or adventures. I’m currently planning a week long trip to NYC with best friend, scheduled to take place in Summer 2013.
-I am never going to fully grow up because life is way more awesome with Nerf guns and chalkboard walls. And Disney movies, obviously.

Okay, that's enough. Now go explore! I recommend starting with Pinspiration or In My Backyard (great for anyone from, or looking to visit/move to my hometown, Peterborough, Ontario. 

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