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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hootenannys and Dinosaurs

There were approximate 12 trillion things happening in Peterborough over the weekend. 
I have a hard time deciding what to do when there are very few options, so when I am thrown options such as Hootenannys, exhibitions and concerts, it gets a bit overwhelming. My solution? Pour a vodka and go with the flow. Here is the resulting 'flow':

1) Vodka-Friday-turned-prostar-dinner, created by myself and two of my favourites: 
Kebabs, pre-grill. So colourful and so yum! Yes, this is the only decent-ish photo a got. Fail.

2) In honour of National S'mores Day, I made this: 
PB & J s'more: Jumbo strawberry marshmallow & peanut butter M&Ms on graham crackers, baked in toaster oven at about 300 for 3-4 minutes (watch for marshmallow to puff up and chocolates to go glossy.

3) Johnny's Eh's pulled pork & cheese sauce on a hotdog at Hootenanny on Hunter
I will eat pulled pork on anything. Even a hotdog with cheese sauce, both of which I despise. I have issues...

4) Delicious little box of Naked Chocolate
Right beside an awesome shoe store, S.O.S

Nope, no pictures of the chocolates. Oops.

5) A wicked awesome dinner at a favourite spot of ours, The Favourite Greek. They have amazing feta and hot pepper dip which is especially delicious when mixed with their tzatziki, which then in turn makes a great dip for either warm pitas or any of their souvlaki. Which is also very delicious. All of it. We eat here a lot :-|   Super tasty chicken gyros too... okay... stopping. But go here! Seriously!

6) 2 (so far) failed attempts at a Pinterest DIY project. I am determined to master this one, because it's just way too awesome. 

7) Premiering this fall: Animal Practice, an animal hospital comedy in the style of the one and only medical dramady of House, only with Justin Kirk of Weeds fame (Uncle Andy) as the main character. We stumbled across this gem on Sunday, After watching the closing ceremonies of Olympia 30. Seriously, I think it's going to be an Awesomely hilarious show, check it out! 

8) Lunch at another favourite restaurant of ours, All Star Wings in Vaughan:
Caesar Does Texas wings - our favourite flavour so far
Greek Fries - an absolute must at All Stars

9) A short-but-sweet visit to Canada's Wonderland. We managed to see their new Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit and ride on one coaster before a giant dark cloud moved in and rained us out:

T-Rex & Triceratops - dinosaur classics
They've discovered so many dinos since I was a kid!

And now, I must go attempt to master the DIY I posted... wish me luck!

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