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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day #2 of "School"

It's day #2 of the School of Awesome. How am I doing so far? Well, let's take a look at my last two days....

1) My idea to break my days into hour-long segments is sort-of working, even if I don't remember set the timer every hour. I am definitely more aware of passing time and am using it to focus myself back in on whatever it is that I am supposed doing. I've also been successful in deflecting several attempts at distracting me from my mission. I can't blame people for trying though - I'm honestly so easily distracted and haven't yet proven to them how serious I am about this. My suspicions are that it won't be that way much longer because with all of the thinking and reflecting I have been doing recently, I have finally decided on which direction I'm headed for - at least for the time being.
2)While I'm not willing to disclose all of my decisions quite yet, photography is definitely along my chosen path. Upon making this decision, I started searching for a guide specific to our particular DSLR so that I could actually start figuring out what everything does and why I would want it to do that. I spent several hours over the course of a couple of days reading through articles, customer reviews, photography blogs, and books and eventually decided on two different guides. Both come with very high recommendations, however the people who seemed to like one didn't like the other. What better way to decide which one is best for me than to order both? Hopefully they'll arrive before the weekend so I can get started soon!

 3)Although in my last post I said that I'm not going to go to a physical educational institution, I have decided to enroll myself in a six-week online course. I'm definitely not ready to share with you what it's for quite yet but in time, and especially if I find that it's worth my time and money, I will spill the beans. I can definitely promise you that if I learn what I hope to learn, it will be super beneficial in all aspects of my life!

4) I am very interested in both pet nutrition and doing things the natural, holistic way. We currently feed our cats Orijen as a free-feed dry food (measured daily - no overfeeding here!), and Merrick's wet food twice a day. I know that feeding cats dry food isn't exactly 'natural', but Orijen is about as awesome as dry food could ever be, plus they have great values as a company. And they're Canadian.
As with Orijen, Merrick's locally sources, prepares and packages their food, only they are American... which is pretty much local too. Anyway, they reason I am blabbing about this is because I have decided that I'd like to try to make my own cat food. Yup, that's right - I've gone off my rocker. Right off the deep end. Pretty soon I'll take up knitting and starting bridge clubs. 
Orrrrr not. Honestly, I just really think that people need to be more educated on what we put into our animals and how it affects them. So there.

...Until tomorrow...

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