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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just Striving for More... No Big Deal!

Happy Tuesday to anyone out there in the universe that might actually be reading this. 

You may have noticed - my blog still looks the same as it did on my last post, even though I said my mission was to make it much prettier. I promise you, I really am working on it. But as you know, I am incredibly easily sidetracked and typically start no less than 5 things at a time before I move on with any of them. Or start something new altogether.  In my process to find a new blog template, I found so many great articles on everything I am trying to achieve right now. Including making my blog more sexy to anyone who happens to stumble across this little space. I will also have a delicious recipe posted sometime later in the day. See? I'm being productive!

Ir's going to take some time to sort through this mess!

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