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Monday, June 11, 2012

Just another Manic Monday

Well, I'll say that was a successful weekend! 

Saturday was the local dragon boat races, and while they were forecasting thunderstorms all day, Mother Nature decided to play nice and only gave us a couple of small showers in the morning. I love watching our community come together and rally for such a good cause. People get into this festival, and I do mean REALLY get into it. Our downtown is transformed into a sea of pink everywhere you look, and people can be found randomly breaking into song and dance at any given time. Check out this article about Saturday's races, complete with a slide show (Nanny is in photo #13) and a short video. The final tally for funds raised won't be announced until the fall, but they are so far sitting at over $170,000. That's a lot of money from a town of 75,000 people. If that isn't community spirit, I don't know what is.

I was feeling a bit "festive" and made some Pink Lemonade cupcakes. Mmmm summer!

A few blocks up the street from dragon boat races, A Taste of Downtown was happening. If there's one thing that I love about living in Peterborough, it's definitely our amazing selection of restaurants that reside in our downtown core. Mike and I, forever following our taste buds, decided to hit up Charlotte Street for the rare treat of getting to eat at all of our favourite restaurants at once. Apparently we didn't quite get enough during the day because after several drinks with friends, we walked back down to Whistle Stop for one of their 50+ poutines. Ohhhh mouthgasm. Very quickly devoured by 3 of us were Pulled Pork poutine, Philly Cheese Steak poutine, and Strawberry Dream dessert poutine (if you love funnel cake, you'll love dessert poutine). I really can't get enough of this place.

...Apparently I failed to take many photos of my weekend, but that's fine. I will have many more delicious encounters with food and will find many more awesome things to fill my time with that will all require photographic evidence. 

And now, I go (with a promise to take more photos). I have 5 hours to plan, gather, get ready, drive 45 minutes to a cottage, and set up for this evening's event: a mini-birthday party of sorts for a good friend. Cheers!

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