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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Retiring An Awesome Life

The time has come for me to retire this blog. 

I started An Awesome Life almost 6 months ago as a way to help me figure out what direction my life will be headed in next. It has, in the end, helped me even more than I expected it would, ultimately playing a large part in helping me to discover what really makes me, well... me. You know - what makes me passionate, what challenges me, scares me, what just plain grabs my attention and doesn't let go, and even what I do not need or care for.

It's been an insightful journey full of unexpected outcomes and I'm truly thankful that I made the decision to give the whole blogging thing an honest chance.

Writing this blog has kept me focused on always moving forward, never remaining idle. It's inspired me to take a deeper look at what I choose to fill my life with, each and every day, from the obvious such as hobbies I'm interested in and people I associate with, to the less obvious like what quotes or song lyrics I identify with and what TV shows (and their characters) I'm drawn to... and then just about everything in between. 

 I've discovered quite a few patterns, and although there are many, I finally have a sense of organization to my thoughts and interests.  That is something that I'd likely never have been able to get out of any college dilploma or university degree. I don't want to lose the benefits of a tool this valuable, so I will be starting a new blog in the New Year (which, by-the-way is only just over 5 weeks away).

The next blog will be more focused on what I've discovered that I enjoy writing about. I'll be spending the next 5 weeks planning out Phase Two of my "retirement" so that I can get started on it, right away. No hesitations, nothing to turn into an excuse for not having the proper tools or set-up. 

To anyone who has read this blog and offered me feedback, I sincerely thank-you for your help. The encouragement from friends and strangers alike gave me the drive to keep at it for just "one more post"

Thus concludes Phase One of the rest of my life. 


Just keep moving.


  1. I'm glad blogging has done so much for you! I really enjoy reading what you have to say! Will you have another post on New Year's about your new blog? I would like to read it :)

    Good luck in Phase Two!


  2. Hi Madi,

    Thanks so much for the kind words, I'm glad to hear you have enjoyed reading An Awesome Life!

    I'll for sure make a quick post on here when I get my new blog up-and-running.

    Until then, I hope you have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year :-)


  3. You're welcome- Thank you for writing!

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well!


  4. Hi again, Madi!

    I hope your Christmas and New Years were fabulous :-)

    As promised (albeit a little late), my new blog is finally up and running! If you're still interested in reading it (I hope you are!), check it out at:


    Thanks again for all of the encouragement and support! Cheers!