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Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days Hath November

I stole this idea right out from under the nose Désirée over at So Fawned. I have known Désirée for most of my life, having met as children in elementary school where teachers always called us by each others names. Gone are the days of pretending the giant tires in the school yard were our horses (don't ask), and I don't even remember the last time we spoke in person (for shame!!), but one thing is for certain: this chick is a gem. Honestly, go check out her blog and you'll see why I say so!

Anyway, back to the point of my post: 30 Days Hath November. For each day of November, I will use this list to inspire a new blog entry. This is good for me. It will challenge me, open my mind to new ideas, learn more about myself. I used her list as a guideline, adding, removing and tweaking some of the topics to better suit myself. Here is what I have decided to include in my own 30 Days challenge:

1) Three Inspirational Quotes 
2) Current Song Obsessions
3) Something I Ate Today 
4) Books I am Currently Reading
5) Something That Scares Me
6) The Last 6 Things I Pinned
7) A Place I'd Like To Travel To
8) Occupations I Wanted As A Child
9) Contents Of My Bag
10) A Favourite Tradition
11) Current TV Obsessions
12) Things I Love About My Hometown
13) My Favourite Movies
14) Something I am Looking Forward To
15) A Skill I'd Like to Learn
16) The Last Items I Purchased
17) Guilty Pleasures
18) 5 awesome things from my weekend
19) A favourite place to eat
20) This or that
21) 5 favourite books
22) An Awesome recipe
23) My creatures
24) A self-portrait
25) Things I could never have too much of
26) Nostalgia
27) Concerts I'd love to see
28) A recent DIY
29) 10 things on my bucket list
30) 3 awesome things that happened this month 

If anyone wants to join the fun, I encourage you to visit So Fawned and let her know of your adventures!

So Fawned 30 Days Hath November

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